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Here you can download, for free, charts, projects, instructions, tips and ideas. The page is growing continously as more documents are added.

Anything marked with blue can be downloaded. Click on the document and it will open up as a webpage, which you can then choose to either print out, or to save on your computer. You save it by clicking on the little floppy disc icon in the top left corner of the window which will open.

If you would like one of the free downloads that aren't up for download yet, email us and we'll send it to you.

And if you can think of something which would be helpful to include here, let us know.


How to use the Accent Gold for Silver **Please also download Petra's additional instructions below**
Manufacturer's instructions for Accent Gold for Silver

Petra's additional instructions on how to use the Accent Gold for Silver
Petra's additional instructions for AGS

UV Resin - how does it work, how do I apply it to metal clay, and why would I use it?
UV Resin Presentation from ACWUK Conference 2007

Crushed Mineral Accents - what are they, and how do I use them?
Crushed Mineral Accents

Are you just starting out with metal clay? Or would you just like a helping hand?
Help for Art Clay beginners

Print our catalogue here. We try to keep it up to date, but there might be items available on the web site that haven't made the catalogue yet.
SilverClay printable catalogue

List with comparison and details of all Art Clay types.

Chart with recommended drying and firing times and methods for all the Art Clay types
SilverClay drying and firing chart

Firing Art Clay Silver on a kitchen gas top

Firing Art Clay Silver with a torch

Instructions on how to make a unique silver leaf pendant or earrings

Liver of Sulphur - article and pictures

Ring making - useful information and size conversion chart

Beginners project

Instructions on using Art Clay Oil Paste

How to use the Moulding Compound

Kiln instructions.