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Accent Gold for Silver Accent Gold for Silver™2 paint, 24ct - 1gm
What an amazing product! One coat of AGS׼ is sufficient to give you 24ct accents on fine silver - including Art Clay or PMC. The AGS bottle contains one gramme of pure gold powder dispersed in a non-toxic water-based binder. This little bottle lasts longer than you think.

Have a look at the Gallery to see some items I have decorated with AGS.

Apply the AGS2 to an already-fired silver piece. After drying, the piece is fired again to sinter the gold and bond it to the silver. It is extremely easy to use. Comes with detailed, easy-to-follow instructions, which you can also view here: Instructions for Accent Gold for Silver.

Please note that the AGS now doesn't come with the bottle of medium shown on the photo. A little glycerin is needed when you first mix it up. You'll only need a small amount; if you don't have access to it, we provide it in a small bottle - see below.

** UPDATE TO INSTRUCTIONS - to ensure you get the best out of your AGS, please read Petra's additional instructions here.

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Accent Gold for Silver Glycerine for Accent Gold for Silver
Mini bottle of glycerine. More than enough to mix up your Accent Gold for Silver.
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Art Clay Gold Paste Art Clay Gold Paste, 22ct - 1,5gm
Use the Art Clay Gold Paste to add 22ct accents on fine silver (including Art Clay or PMC) and also glass or porcelain. The AGS bottle contains one and a half gramme of pure gold powder dispersed in a non-toxic water-based binder. Can be fired on a gas hob, with torch, or kiln.

Apply the gold paste to an already-fired silver piece. After drying, the piece is fired again to sinter the gold and bond it to the silver. It is extremely easy to use, no worry about hot plates, or burnishing the hot metal. Comes with detailed, easy-to-follow instructions.

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Purple Gold Purple Gold 18ct - 1gm
These little shimmering purple chunks can be set into your metal clay in different ways. They can be added before firing, or set using enamels, resin, or clear epoxy after firing.

This is PURE 18ct gold. The purple colour is a result of an intermetalic compound - similar to an alloy. The colour is the inherent, natural colour of this alloy and not the result of any surface treatment, such as dyeing or oxidation. The alloy absorb the complementary colour of purple, and thus they reflect purple back to the eye.

Read more about how to use the Purple Gold here..

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AC Gold 3gm Art Clay Gold Clay 22ct - 3gm

Make your own real 22 carat gold pieces. To save gold, shape the gold clay around cork clay to create a hollow gold cabochon shape, which is very effective combined with the silver clay. Delivery time approx. 10 days.
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AC Gold Foil Art Clay 24ct Gold Foil - 3.5 x 5cm
Much thicker than normal gold foil so much easier to handle. Can be cut with scissors. Due to its thickness it is excellent for Keum-Boo, which is a technique where you fuse the gold foil to your silver, using heat and pressure - beautiful.
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KeumBoo on Silver, Celie Fago "Keum-Boo on Silver" by Celie Fago
This comprehensive book on the Korean technique of fusing gold to silver is written by Celie Fago - a wonderful artist and teacher. The book, the first dedicated to the subject, describes every step in detail, explains and lists all the tools and equipment you need, and makes this marvellous technique accesible to anyone.
Celie explains the technique from the beginning, making it easy to understand the process, even for a complete beginner. Celie has created beautiful jewellery using the technique for a long time, and through this book she generously shares her experience to other metal clay artists.

***Hold your mouse over the picture for a large photo of the book***

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KeumBoo on Silver, Gold Foil, Celie Fago Keum-Boo Kit
SPECIAL OFFER: The fabulous book by Celie Fago together with one sheet of gold foil - save £3! ***Hold the mouse over the image for a larger photo.***
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