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Sherri Haab Image Transfer ITS Image Transfer Solution(TM) is a new exciting product for metal clay and mixed media artists. It was developed by author and artist Sherri Haab, to allow you to easily transfer images to metal and other non-porous surfaces, like polymer clay, glass, and porcelain.

Use it to create your own photo charms for a family bracelet, photo tiles for a personalised bathroom or kitchen, vintage style metal clay jewellery, patterned polymer clay beads and boxes - as so often with art and crafts, there are an amazing amount of different ways to use this product! You can transfer drawn images and doodles, handwritten text (you can scan your own hand writing or old letters), printed text, photos (digital or scanned paper photos), and of course just interesting patterns.

All you need is the ITS solution which comes in a 60 ml bottle, together with designs printed onto the special ITS paper. The designs can be printed at home if you have a laser printer, otherwise you take them to a copy shop and ask them to copy them onto the ITS paper for you. It will not work if you use images from a ink-jet printer, it must a be a toner based print.

The result is soft transparent images, which lets the silver (or other surface) shine through any unprinted, or white, areas of the image. The result is a beautiful soft ethereal vintage look. The result is very durable as the transfer is heat set, and then protected further by covering with the solution or Renaissance Wax.

Image transfer bee ring Using it is a doddle, and it is economical. You spread a thin layer of the solution onto the surface of the metal, and then place your cut out image face down onto the solution. The piece is left to dry, and then set by heat (a kitchen oven or embossing gun is sufficient). You then soak the piece to remove the paper backing of the image, give it a rub-down with polishing paper, and seal it using a little of the ITS solution or some Renaissance Wax. Sealing with ITS gives a slightly glossier finish, whilst Renaissance Wax just protects the surface without adding any shine.

Another nice way to use the ITS is to mix it with pigments like Pearl-Ex powders and simply paint it directly onto the metal. This is a great way to create enamel-like effects, very quickly and easily. You can draw your own little masterpiece!

Image transfer pendant ITS is non-toxic and has the ACMI AP seal (an American stamp which shows the product is non-toxic and safe to use with children) and before drying and setting it cleans up easily with water and a brush, hands are cleaned with just soap and water. For best results the ITS should be used with the ITS Paper (see product description below).

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All pieces on this page were made by Sherri Haab.


image transfer solution bottle Image Transfer Solution
Image Transfer Solution is a transfer medium that allows you to transfer images onto metal and other non-porous surfaces. This product produces soft transparent images allowing the metal (or other surface) to shine through what used to be the unprinted, or "white," area of the copied image. The result gives you an ethereal vintage look to your finished piece. For best results use with our ITS Paper (see product description below). 60ml.
image transfer paper blank Blank Image Transfer Paper - pack of 5
ITS paper is a special product designed to be used with Image Transfer Solution. This is a pack of 5 blank sheets. To print your own images on blank ITS paper, use a laser/toner printer (not the same as a ink jet printer). If you don't have a laser printer, bring your images to a retail copy center (most copy centers use laser printers almost exclusively). After applying your copied transfer and heat setting the image onto your project, the paper is easily removed in water. Very little sanding is necessary to reveal beautiful transparent images on oven proof surfaces.
Pre-printed ITS paper Image Transfer Paper - Pre-printed
Image Transfer Paper is a specialist product designed to be used with the ITS. Here Sherri Haab has put together a sheet (about A4 size) of the IT paper, preprinted with loads and loads of gorgeous images. The images range from elegant butterflies and flowers, to quirly robots, from black and white dramatic etchings to colourful old advertising signs. Hold your mouse still over the image to see a large picture. If you get this you're ready to go without having to print anything.

This sheet is perfect for your practice pieces. Except that the images are so cute you probably want to use them, not abuse them.

ITS kit Image Transfer Kit
Kit with all the ITS products, and some bottle top blanks to play with. Buy as a kit and save money!
Included in the kit:
1 x ITS Solution 60ml
5 x ITS Blank paper
1 x Pre-printed ITS paper
5 x Blank bottle tops

bottle cap Blank bottle tops - pack of 5
Perfect for practising your Image Transfer techniques! And, the bottle tops makes gorgeous little pins, just add a brooch-pin to the back. Or fill them with resin and trap images and trinkets suspended in the resin, pretty as little charms or pendants.
Renaissance Wax Renaissance Wax
Use a very small amount to polish and protect your finished image transfers. Buff with a soft cloth. Add a second coat if desired. The wax retains a matte finish that will protect against weathering and tarnish. Also great for polishing resin, wood, leather, and furniture. It is archival and is the #1 choice of major museums and art galleries. A little goes a long way! This wax is also popular for securing colours achieved with Liver of Sulphur on metal. 65ml.
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